Aluminum CNC Turning Part service

Aluminum CNC Turning Part service

Precision Parts, Machining Parts, CNC Machining manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Non-Standard Machining Part, Turning Part, CNC Part, Customized High Precision CNC Machining Hardware Parts for Consumer Electronic, Aluminum Customized CNC Machining Parts and so on.

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Dongguan, China


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Metal Recycling Machine, Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Straightening Machinery, Metal Spinning Machinery, Metal Processing Machinery Parts, Metal forging Machinery, Metal Engraving Machinery, Metal Drawing Machinery, Metal Coating Machinery, Metal Casting Machinery




Follow your design


what tolerances can you achieve?

There is not a given set of tolerances that fits all processes and materials. In every case, the final tolerances on your part will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Part size

  • Design geometry

  • The number, type and size of features

  • Material(s)

  • Surface finish

  • Manufacturing process

We will review your design and provide a design for manufacturing review, pointing out any areas where we may not be able to achieve your desired tolerances. It's helpful to us if you can specify which areas in your design have critical tolerances that must be met and which can be slightly modified if needed to reduce time and costs involved. Here are some general tolerance guidelines:

How do you ensure your quality?

In order to deliver high-quality parts every time, we've instituted the following steps to ensure you get parts that meet and exceed your expectations.


  • A full design for manufacturing (DFM) review upon initial inquiry. This will be performed by our skilled engineering team, who will alert you to any issues before work begins.

  • All incoming material (metal and plastic) with material certificaion, and also we can provide third party inspection certification if need.

  • In-process and first article inspection.

  • Comprehensive final inspection with full report. 

How long does a quotation take?

In most cases, we respond within 24 hours of receiving an RFQ. However, there may be situations when we must source material from an external supply and therefore the quotation may be delayed accordingly.

How can I pay FM?

FM accepts payment in two ways:

  • Bank to bank wire transfer. FM has accounts in Hong Kong and DongGuan, China.

  •  you can use your PayPal account or credit card to pay.

FM is concentrate on CNC machining manufacturing, prototype machining, low-volume manufacturing, metal fabrication and parts finishing services, provide you best support and services. ask us one inquire now.


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