What Kind of Factors Will Affect CNC Machined Accuracy?(3)

- Mar 09, 2018 -

The positioning errors of the machine tool

    The positioning accuracy of machine tool will greatly influence the precision of the parts, therefore, positioning errors is an important reason for cnc machining error, and the feed system of machine tool is the main link that affects location accuracy. The feeding system of cnc machine is usually composed of mechanical transmission system and electric control system, the positioning accuracy is related to the mechanical transmission system of the structure design.

    In the open-loop system, due to more influence factors and the situation is more complex, so we will be not able to carry out the positioning monitoring, so for the machining accuracy of the cnc machine tool is greatly affected. However, in the closed-loop system, the cnc machine tool can usually avoid the position deviation of the main components in the system by locating the detection device.

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