How To Remove Burrs For Custom CNC Machined Parts

- Mar 06, 2018 -

    Currently, almost most of custom cnc machined parts will gerenate more or less burrs after machining, they not only affect the part aesthetics, but also for can’t be meet high precision standard, even they can’t be used in assemble. The burrs will seriously affect the product function and assemble. So we have to remove them in order make better product to our global customers, if so, the issue caused how we can better resolve this problems during production machined or after machining production, For example, recently one of our Spain customers have asked us to make clean burrs process for one small pieces, the thickness is 1.0mm, the part will be assembled in to small motor, so we have to very careful to work out it. We need to consider more factor when removed the burrs like product tolerance contorl, appearance, radius and assemble. If so, how to do better burrs cleanning up, today, Creatingway will take this artcile to share with you.

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