What’s the Influence for Surface of CNC Machined Components?

- Mar 06, 2018 -

    Along with CNC machined components included metal & plastic materials are widely used in Automotive, Aerospace& Medical industries. More and more consumers and the end of user have a certain requirements on the part’s performance and aesthetics. So as one professional CNC machining manufacturer, we’re always asked our customer before quotation: “what’s the functions and application of the parts, whether you have any special requirements for the parts” etc. then we will provide the best suggestion and quotation to our customer before more discusssion these issues.

    Because we know very well that what does a perfect product mean? It not only means that the part looks perfectly, but also means that it will be good used in the final production and assembly. On the contrary, what effect does surface roughness have on the performance of the CNC machined components?

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