CNC machining lathe CNC machining matters needing attention

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Our numerical control lathe CNC lathe processing materials are usually used for cutting steel and copper, cutting steel containing sulfur S and high phosphorus P material, sulfur and manganese in the steel is in the form of manganese sulfide, and Manganese sulfide plays a role in lubrication of steel, making it easier to cut steel, thereby increasing the production of CNC machining plant. CNC machining centers then CNC lathes need to pay attention to what matters?
1, to find the workpiece, only allowed to move the chuck or open the lowest speed to find positive, are not allowed to open high-speed alignment.
2, change the direction of spindle rotation, the spindle must be stopped after the first, are not allowed to suddenly change the direction of rotation.
3, loading and unloading chuck, only allowed to rotate the V-belt drive spindle rotation line, the absolute prohibition of directly start the machine forced release or tighten. At the same time to block the board in the bed to prevent accidents.
4, Tool installation should not be extended too long, the gasket to be flat, the width of the width of the bottom of the same tool.
5, the processing of metal parts are not allowed to open the car to brake the spindle rotation.
6, back to the wheel hexagonal lathe:
(1) are not allowed to process curved, rough surface of the bar.
(2) When loading, the material head must be aligned with the chucks hole, lightly shuffle in, and do not disturb it.

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