CNC machining machine tool operating procedures

- Dec 15, 2017 -

CNC machining is currently one of the most efficient and accurate techniques in machine tool processing. CNC machining manufacturers share the operating rules of their machine tools with friends and hope to provide a guarantee for the use of CNC machining friends.
CNC machine tools include three parts of the operating procedures, the first part is the precautions before boot. Before starting the machine, the operator should conduct a series of inspection on the CNC machine tools, including: Check the air pressure, voltage and hydraulic pressure before the power supply meets the requirements, the movable part of the machine tool is in normal working condition, the workbench has no overrun and over- No wiring off, the machine ground wire and the workshop ground connection. All parts are normal, CNC machining plant can turn on the power switch.
The second part is the boot process, the operator should be in strict accordance with the instructions on the machine start the boot sequence, the boot process back to the machine reference point advanced operation, the establishment of machine coordinate system; allow the machine air to run more than 15min, to reach equilibrium ; Need to wait for more than 5min after shutdown turn on again, no special circumstances do not frequent shutdown.
The third part is the debugging process, CNC machining plant to edit, modify and debug the program; in accordance with the requirements of the process to install and debug fixtures, remove the positioning of the iron and debris; clip the workpiece as required to ensure that the positioning is correct and reliable; , The machining center requires that the cutter number of the tool in the magazine be the same as that in the program; and the workpiece coordinate system is established according to the programmed origin on the workpiece.

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