CNC machining plant which can be machined workpiece?

- Dec 15, 2017 -

CNC machining plant is specialized in the use of CNC machine tools for workpiece processing manufacturers, but not all the workpiece can be used CNC machine tools for processing, which can use the workpiece CNC machining?
The first is the need for high-volume processing of the workpiece. CNC machining plant can realize the automatic machining of the workpiece, using a dedicated automatic feeding mechanism and fixture, processing efficiency, small batch of workpiece in the processing need to constantly adjust the fixture and automatic feeding structure, even more troublesome.
The second is suitable for the use of CNC machine tools. Zinc alloy, brass and ordinary carbon steel and other materials produced by the workpiece has good processing performance, less wear and tear on the tool, CNC machining factory is the preferred processing of the workpiece. For high-speed steel and stainless steel and other workpieces, the use of CNC machining can cause serious tool wear, copper processing is excreted trouble so not suitable for the use of CNC machining.
The third is the structure suitable for the use of CNC machining of the workpiece. This type of structure refers to the automatic sorting and automatic feeding of workpieces. Circular and hexagonal workpieces are suitable for fully automatic machining. The workpieces with complex shapes are not suitable. The structures can be automatically fed by vibrating plates or long shaft parts for CNC machining.

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