What factors affect the deformation in cnc machined process?(3)

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Work piece clamping

    Workpiece clamping is easy to cause deformation of parts. To avoid this deformation, need to choose the correct clamping point and select the appropriate clamping force according to the position of clamping point. So try to keep the clamping points and supporting points consistent, let the clamping force work on the support role, that clamping point can be more close to the machined surface, so it will not easy to cause deformation due to clamping.

    When the workpiece has several directions of clamping force, consider the order of clamping forces. In addition to completing the above steps, also increase the contact area between the workpiece and the fixture or use the axial clamping force, Increase the rigidity of the parts. This is the most effective method to solve the clamping deformation problem.

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