General Principle of Precision Machining

- Apr 09, 2018 -

FM Industry is manufacturer and supplier of Precision Machining, CNC machining and precision machined parts in China. Here we talk about some basic principles of precision machining:

1. First processing base level, parts in the machining process, as the positioning of surface should be processed out firstly, so can provide a fine benchmark for the follow-up process as soon as possible. This is known as “the baseline first”

2. The division of processing stage. Surface require high quality processing demand, is divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages generally. This is mainly to ensure the processing quality, and conducive to the use of equipment. This is easy to arrange heat treatment process and facilitate to discover rough defects.

3. For the box, bracket, connecting rod and other parts, you should processed plane firstly, then process the hole. This not only can ensure the position accuracy of the plane and hole, but also bring convenience for processing hole on the plane.

4. Finish the process. Grinding, Honing, rolling processing should be placed in the final stage of the process. Surface smoothness after processing should above Ra0.8um, a slight collision will be damaged surface. After finishing process, we must use velvet for protection, hand or other objects directly contact is not allowed absolutely, this is to avoid damage because of process between transportation and installation.

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