Common Workpiece Defects and Causes in CNC Turning

- Mar 20, 2018 -


1.The weight of the material and its own bending. It should be treated by straightening and hot province.

2.The workpiece clamping is not good, tailstock and the center hole is tight.

3.The improper selection of the geometric parameters and the cutting parameters of the CNC Turning, result to cutting force is too large. You can reduce the cutting depth and increase feed number.

4.Hot deformation is produced in cutting. Cooling lubricants should be used.

5.The distance between the tip and the support block is too large. It should not exceed 2mm.

Surface of CNC Turned Component is rough:

1.The vibration of the turning.

2.Improper selection of material with the support block of the tool, bad contact with the workpiece and friction.

3.The improper selection of the geometric parameters of the tool.

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