What’s the CNC Turning Centers Operations

- Mar 14, 2018 -

A number of operations can be performed through the use of a lathe, and from the use of a turning center more operations can be performed compared to the use of a lathe. The most common of these operations include:

  • Facing

Facing operations are performed on the edge of a part so as to come up with flat surfaces.

  • Threading

Threading operations tend to produce threads internally or externally on a part.

  • Knurling

Knurling operations are used on cylindrical surfaces so as to create a kind of roughness that is regularly shaped.

  • Drilling

Drilling is an operation performed on parts so as to come up with holes.

  • Boring

Boring operations involve the production of internal grooves that are circular in nature by enlarging a cavity or a hole.

  • Reaming

The operations here involve the finishing and sizing of existing holes.

  • Taper Turning

This is where gradual reduction of the diameter takes place over the length of a workpiece.

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