What is rollFEED Turning?

- Apr 12, 2018 -

What is rollFEED Turning?

Turning is one of the oldest manufacturing operations as well as one of the most common. You can make a lot of end-use parts on an inverted vertical lathe, but for applications requiring a particularly high surface finish—such as gears, shafts and crankshafts—manufacturers have had to resort to grinding. In some cases, skiving can be sufficient, but the problem with this approach is that you can’t use it for facing.

Enter rollFEED turning, a new technology developed to produce high surface quality and reduce overall turning cycle time. It’s based on a special insert for machines with live tooling which adds a third axis that moves simultaneously with the X- and Z-axes. As a result, the cutting tool can be “rolled” across the surface of the part, so the point of contact moves progressively along the tool.

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