Cylindrical surface commonly used methods of processing

- Dec 15, 2017 -

What we mean by the outer surface of the wheel is generally referred to as a part of the revolving body, such as the shaft and the major surfaces of the disk. Cylindrical surfaces often used in CNC machining methods are turning and grinding and finishing of various finishing methods.

Turning is the most economical and effective CNC lathe machining method on the outer surface because of its thicker cutting layer and larger feed. Although it can also have high machining accuracy and processing quality, In terms of economic precision, it is also suitable for roughing and semi-finishing.

Grinding the words because of its cutting speed is relatively high, the amount of cutting it is relatively small, is the outer surface of the main method of CNC machining, suitable for a variety of hardness of the material.

As for the finishing process, it is the ultra-precision machining method to be carried out after finishing, and it is suitable for some parts with high precision and surface quality.

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