Five Precision CNC Cutting Technologies for Machining Parts

- Mar 15, 2018 -
  • Water Jet Machining

Water Jet Machining technique requires mixing water with an abrasive material like garnet, so the whole cost varies are based on the amount of water and materials used and the extent of cleanup required.


In general, water jet machining is often preferred than laser when the material does not respond well to heat. However, when water jet machining cut ticker materials or super alloys, its requirement for tolerance is lower than that of laser cutting (over 0. 002”). These two technologies have significant differences on the finishing and prices.


  • Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting which is another one cutting technology. It allows for high precision slicing of metal sheets or plates without chipping and multi-axis cutting.


Plasma also can cut thicker metal materials but the tolerance precision is lower than laser cutting. And for now, Plasma is often used in complex ductwork. Tube cutting, outdoor signs and artwork etc. The laser and Plasma has a light different on the “ cost per cut”. But more importantly, it depends on the size and material of the part you’re trying to create.


  • Oxy- Fuel Cutting

It is mainly cutting some gases materials. Such as: exyen, propane, hydrogen etc) are mixed together to from a very high heat flame. The oxyfuel cutting is mainly used in low carbon steel and alloys. It can’t be used in to cutting stainless steel or Aluminum plate.

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