How To Fix The Position Precision In CNC Machining Process

- Jul 17, 2018 -

  In the machining process, the position precision of the machined surface depends on the clamping of the workpiece method and details, this will ask our machinists pay more attention to each of steps, to ensure whole process, they must measure dimension once completed steps.

  • the right clip processes

It is a percentage table, an underbar or an eyepiece to find out the position of a workpiece directly on the machine tool.

  • Underline and find the right clip

It needs to draw out the centerline, symmetrical line, and various processing line as the drawings on the blank, then install the workpiece on the machine tool and found out the right clip position according to the existing line on the machine tool.

This clamping method is not commonly used in cnc machining process. Which is mainly due to the low productivity and accuracy, and for worker also have high requirements. It's usually used in the small batch production or complex and heavy parts.

  • Using the fixture fixed

This fixture need to be designed as the machining process. The positioning element on the fixture can make workpiece and cutting tool possess correct position quickly, not need to look for is, and it can ensure the precision of the workpiece clamping positioning. By this, it is equipped with high efficiency and high positioning accuracy. So it is suitable for batch and mass production in cnc machining process.


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