Metal parts surface treatment

- Jun 03, 2018 -

Metal parts surface treatment

1、Painting and machining: The hardware factory adopts the paint machining when producing large-scale hardware products, and the hardware avoids rust through painting process, such as: daily products, electrical enclosures, crafts, etc.
2、 Electroplating: Electroplating is also the most common machining technology for hardware machining. Electroplating is performed on the surface of the hardware through modern technology to ensure that the product does not become embrittle during prolonged use. Plating processes are common: screws, stampings, Cell, turning parts, trinkets, etc.
3、Surface polishing: The surface polishing process is generally used in daily products. Through the surface burr machining of hardware products such as: We produce a comb, the comb is made of stamping hardware, then punch out the comb corner It is very sharp. We must throw the sharp edges of the corners into smooth faces through polishing. This will not harm the human body during use.

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