Outside The Knife On The Knife During CNC Machining Process

- Jul 18, 2018 -

  Outside the knife on the knife will generally be fixed on the lathe micro-tool on the lathe, used to establish the compensation value between the tools. However, due to the different tool sizes, the coordinates of the tool point in the machine will be different. If you do not set a compensation value between tools, it is impossible to process the same program the same size, use the same tool to run the same program to achieve the same size, you must establish the compensation between the tools.

Outside the knife on the tool knife on the steps are:

(1) First move the reference knife so that its knife point is aligned with the crosshairs of the microscope.

(2) Clear the relative position of the reference knife at this point. The specific operation is to select the relative position display. Press X and press the "Origin" soft key at the bottom of the screen.

(3) The tool offset value is cleared. The specific operation is to press "offset sitting" button, press "correction" soft key at the bottom of the screen, select "shape", input Xo on the tool offset number corresponding to the basic tool , Zo;

(4) Select the manual operation mode of the machine tool, remove the tool holder and change the tool;

(5) Align the knife point with the reticle center of the microscope;

(6) Select MDI operation mode of the machine;

(7) Set the tool offset value by pressing "offset sitting" button, press the "CORRECTION" soft key at the bottom of the screen, select "shape" and input X, Z on the corresponding tool offset number;

(8) Remove the tool holder, execute the automatic tool change command.

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