Why Precision Machining Need 'Craftsman Spirit' ?

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Writing into Report on the work of the Chinese government,’Craftsman spirit’ has become a veritable high frequency words.Why are craftsman with unique skill so important?Especially we who works in precision machining.

People's Daily reported that the spirit of craftsman was on behalf of excellence,love and dedication,continuous focus,and innovation.

When we focus on the essence of precision machining,we will find that powerful machines,but if there is no high-quality technicians,it is impossible to produce sophisticated products.These products is not just products,but also they can be called arts.

Some people may say that now high-precision processing machinery can be enough,skilled craftsmen's status is gradually reduced.

But there is such a question:where does ultra-high precision machining machinery come from?

The answer may make people feel very surprised: ultra-high precision machining machinery is made out by hands.

Once,mentioning‘precision’,what people remember is like’computer’or’NC’.In fact,before that,the former people have reached enough accuracy.Precision machining craftsman is the person who is embodied in a "Tao" dedication.

This most memorable regard is undoubtedly from Germany and Japan,of course, in the Chinese history,Chinese craftsman like ‘Ou yezi’is the master who reminded us for more than 2thousands of years.

Our group has perfect craftsmen who major in precision machining,if you need our service,contact us.

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