Senior CNC machining factory discusses automatic programming and manual programming

- Dec 15, 2017 -

CNC machine tool is an essential part of the processing of parts, common CNC machine tool is controlled by the programming system to run, it can be divided into two kinds of automatic programming and manual programming, senior CNC machining factory discusses automatic programming and manual programming.
Automatic programming is a language designed for use with specialized programs and general purpose electronic computers. It can perform its own calculations and instructions. Automated programming is much faster than manual programming, but requires corresponding equipment while it is running. It is mainly used for complex, high-level, and computationally intensive CNC programming. Artificial programming, on the other hand, refers to making artificial instructions based on various mathematical methods and general calculation tools. Because it is manually input, it runs at a slower speed. However, it should be noted that this method is very simple and easy At the same time, its adaptability is also very good. In manual programming, as long as we are careful and serious, then we can do a better job, otherwise it will be prone to error. Therefore, we often use manual programming for projects with medium complexity or less computational NC programming.

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