What type of aluminum alloy machining?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

CNC machining centers of aluminum alloy machining type are often divided into vertical machining center and horizontal machining center according to the state of the spindle in the space. The spindle of the machining center is called the vertical machining center in the vertical state in space, Horizontal state is called horizontal machining center. Spindle for vertical and horizontal conversion, known as the vertical horizontal machining center or five-sided machining center, also known as composite machining center. According to the number of machining center column; there are single-column and double column (gantry).

According to the machining center movement coordinate number and the simultaneous control of the number of points: a three-axis two linkage, three-axis three linkage, four-axis three linkage, five-axis four linkage, six-axis linkage and so on. Three-axis, four-axis machining center has the number of coordinates of the movement, linkage is the control system can simultaneously control the movement of the coordinate number, in order to achieve the relative position of the tool and the work piece speed control.

According to the number of stations and functional points: a single table machining center, double table machining center, and multi-table machining center.

According to machining accuracy points: There are ordinary machining centers and high-precision machining centers.

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