what is CNC Machining Process?

- May 29, 2018 -

1, each operator when received the program, be sure to see the name of the workpiece, the number, the material, the length of the workpiece, the width, the height, the clamping way of the workpiece, and the placement direction of the workpiece. Do the same as the list of requirements to avoid doing wrong.

2, before placing the workpiece, For concentrate, the burrs around the workpiece should be cleaned before the machine can be used in table .

3. The school table should be dragged x,y,z three directions of the level, the error should be controlled within 2 silk, the school good table divided into the next must be repeated check once confirmed correct before the machine can be input into the absolute value of .

4, Clamping tool must be measured with caliper tool to ensure accuracy, for the naked (30r5,20r5,20r0.8,16r0.8,12r0.8) and other flying knives using the edge-seeking method to measure the tool diameter for the naked 1~10mm knife must be hit the table error in 1~2

5, Before transferring each program to machine tool processing, should be used to check the use of related software to see the knife path, tool size, knife length is consistent with the procedure, confirm that the rear can be transmitted processing, for each finishing process, should be in the beginning of processing to allow the spindle high-speed operation preheating 10-15 minutes .

6, in the beginning of the processing of the knife,Should check whether there is no relevant data in the G60, if there is a must clean up the rear can be processed, when the tool is about to cut into the workpiece, should see whether the residual value and the height of the knife to confirm the same after the knife into the workpiece.   

7, the processing must stick to the position, not far away from the machine tool, when the rough to midway, especially to observe the processing of knives, if found that the blade damage, to be replaced in a timely manner, when found that the processing force should be stopped, contact the programmer to change the program. After opening the rough, repeat to the workpiece once, check whether there is moving bit.   

8, processing to ensure that the tool speed and machine tool feed rate of reasonable collocation of

9, when the naked, the beginning must pay attention to observe the workpiece surface smooth enough, before continuing processing.

10, after the completion of processing should be informed programmer inspection, each program after the completion of the total work and personal signature should be recorded.

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