Why are Chemical Polishing of CNC Parts after Machining?

- Jun 02, 2018 -


Process description:

Chemical polishing of CNC parts is a method of eliminating the abrasion mark, make the sample surface flat by the dissolution of chemical reagent. Chemical polishing equipment is simple but high production efficiency to handle the fine pipe, parts of deep hole and complex shape. The technology isn’t only as electroplating pretreatment process, but also directly work with assisting requested protective measures after polishing.


The equipment is simple and no any special demands. Only a glass with polishing liquid and a clip holding sample. If the sample is cut with thin abrasive sheet, it can be polished directly without sanding. Some non-conductor materials can be chemically polished, and the sample can be polished directly. Chemical polishing of CNC Parts can also process parts with complex shapes.


The quality of chemical polishing is inferior to electrolytic polishing. It is difficult to adjust and regenerate the solution of chemical polishing, so restricted in application. In the process, the nitric acid emits much yellow brown harmful gas, which is harmful to the environment. The service life of polishing solution is short, and the adjustment and regeneration of concentration is difficult.

Range of application:

Chemical polishing of CNC Parts is mainly used in stainless steel, copper and aldary etc. Chemical polishing has good polishing effect on steel parts, especially low carbon steel, so the technology often used for some steel parts with difficult mechanical polishing.

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