Aluminum Alloy Hand Model Production Process

- Jun 03, 2018 -

1, CNC computer. Through the CNC machining equipment according to the path set by the program, changes are made on the basis of the raw material of the product to get the prototype of the aluminum alloy hand board model.

2, Manual machining. After the prototype of the aluminum alloy hand board model comes out, the appearance of the sample will have some burrs and excess corners, the staff should use sandpaper to polish, so that the appearance of the aluminum alloy hand model becomes smooth and delicate.

3, Laser engraving, which is to use laser technology to remove the appearance of the sample paint, make part of the sample position translucent.

4, Oxidation, anodic treatment, is the function of electrolysis. Because the corrosion resistance formed after the treatment is poor and the hardness is low, the cost of the website is very low. Therefore, it is rarely used in the process.

5, drawing, that is, in the appearance of aluminum alloy pull out a thin line, so that the processing will make the sample better texture.

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