Analysis: The Three Major Hardware Industry Vane

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The three major vanes of the metalworking industry: Looking forward to the 12th Five-Year Plan, not only does China contain major strategic opportunities, but adjustments and restructuring will bring about a new round of economic prosperity. Through the end of last year, the NDRC announced eight major topics for the 12th Five-Year Plan (respectively: expanding domestic demand, boosting innovation, promoting urbanization, coordinated regional development, energy conservation and emission reduction, improving public services, reforming economic system and transforming the mode of foreign economic development) In the ensuing reports and analysis, we believe that the "12th Five-Year Plan" period is an important strategic opportunity for China's economic and social development and a crucial period for China's economic development from the mid-industrialization phase to the post-transition phase. Due to the external environment, institutional reform, Industrialization, informatization and urbanization, economic development will show many new features and new trends that are different from the "Eleventh Five-year" period.

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1, low-carbon energy-saving wind
At present, the global economic growth led by IT technology has already entered a decay period, and the global economy needs new growth points to spur a new round of growth. This has greatly boosted the green economy based on new energy and low-carbon economy rapid development.
The rise of the LED lighting industry revolution, the transformation of low-carbon doors and windows hardware technology, innovation and energy saving bathroom industry research and development ...... These are undoubtedly proof that some foresight of the metal processing industry has been walking in the green development. With the non-renewable resources continue to consume, low-carbon energy style, will last forever.

2, own brand wind
For a long time, Chinese enterprises, especially hardware enterprises, did not have their own brands and technologies. Most of them are based on the image of a "manpower hardware factory" on the world trade scene. With the continuous improvement of the economic level, it has become increasingly clear that the mode of economic development restricts this model.
In order to obtain development, China's hardware parts and processing enterprises must have their own independent technology and must change from the manufacturer to the creator. Innovation must be taken as a breakthrough point to firmly establish the concept of quality as the life of an enterprise, strengthen the sense of honesty and responsibility, Improve product competitiveness, quality premium products to enter the domestic and foreign markets, enhance corporate image and status.

3, hardware down the country style
Rural towns and villages have always been a huge potential consumer market. Especially with the rapid economic development in recent years, the transformation of home environment and the upgrading of township and village enterprises, this market is in a state of high demand for hardware products. In this regard, Luo Baihui believes that "hardware to the countryside" can on the one hand contribute to urban and rural areas adhere to, on the other hand also expanded the domestic demand for processed metal products, the rural huge potential consumer demand into real purchasing power, and at the same time effective To promote a comprehensive coverage of hardware service outlets for domestic enterprises to establish a brand, can serve multiple purposes.

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