What Is The Technology Characteristics Of Automatic Lathe Machining?

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Automatic Lathe Machining is a part of mechanical processing, there are two main forms, one is the processing of the workpiece is not fixed form tool machining rotary, the other is the workpiece is fixed, through the high speed rotation, tool of the horizontal and vertical movement of the Precision Machining.

1.It is easy to ensure the accuracy of each workpiece surface. When machining, the workpiece revolves around a fixed axis, each surface has the same rotating axix.

2.The cutting process is relatively smooth, in addition to the intermittent surface, in general, the automatic lathe machining process is continuous.

3.It is suitable for non-ferrous metal parts finishing. 

4.The tool is simple, turning tool is the simplest tool, manufacturing, grinding and installation are convenient, it is convenient to choose a reasonable angle according to the specific processing requirements.

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