CNC Machine Tool Manual Problem

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Handheld unit is an indispensable manual operation of CNC Machine, which can be convenient for machine tool operator. Years of CNC machine maintenance, you need pay attention to the following matters:

1.CNC machine tool linear axis of self movement: if the CNC machine tool with Siemens CNC system is in the manual interface, under condition that machine operator does not apply the instruction, the linear axis of the slow movement. If use FAGOR CNC system CNC machine tool in the manual interface, a rapid movement of the linear axis occurs. 

2.With the hand held unit operation, the shaft appears to choose chaos.

3.Some improvements to avoid product accidents or equipment accidents: in daily work, occasionally encountered CNC machine operator in the knife or hand unit with the move, the occurrence of knives or tool collision product quality accident, the reason is mostly that the speed is too fast or misuse. Fast movement, the use of CNC panel operation. You can use the handheld unit when closer movement. 

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