Diversified CNC Manufacturing To Global Customer Request

- Mar 09, 2018 -
  • Quality guarantee and delivery time on time

Quality is our life, we strictly each of parts inspection during production and after production, and ask to set up each of quality control standard for each of parts in details based on customer’s drawings and key dimension requirement, Anyway key dimension or tolerance, our engineer have to consult with customers in advanced before production, or during prototype stage.

Delivery time will be another unique advantage, as usual, we will ship the goods in 7-10 days, but any special case, we use our priority production process to you, from order to material till production to save time, and using our flexible working time to service you, get you great support.

Of course, after-sales services will be our stronger guarantee you, our sales team will follow you on each of projects status from delivery, arrived, and comments after review and testing, make your satisfaction and comfortable.


During this period, Titanium Alloy is also under consideration to satisfy one of our customer.  In a word, Creatingway is a diversified CNC manufacturing supplier to make your project come true, make your best partner in China.


As one diversified CNC manufacturing factory, FM is concentrate on CNC machining manufacturing, prototype machining, low-volume manufacturing, metal fabrication and parts finishing services, provide you best support and services. ask us one inquire now.

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