CNC Machined Parts And Pillar Industry Of Southern China

- Jul 11, 2018 -

  As a pillar industry in Shenzhen and Southern China, smart phones, intelligent hardware, UAVs, robots, medical electronics, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence and intelligent driving have been the strongest teams in Shenzhen's high-tech field. The ELEXCON2017 Shenzhen international electronics exhibition ended at the exhibition center. Its theme is to provide "meta power" for the IOT, and display advanced technologies integrating electronics, automobile, industry and the Internet of things.

Black technology behind "cheerleading"

  The "village cheerleading team" in the stage performance area of the village production booth has been paid attention to by many people. Reporters learned that this is the fourth generation robot murata. Murata cheerleaders officially unveiled in Japan in 2014, a height 36CM, weight 1.5KG, wearing a red dress, dance cheerleading cheerleaders. Different from the bicycle riding robot riding a unicycle robot Murata Murata boy and WAN Tong, no longer use the wheel to assist Murata cheerleaders move, but standing on the ball, and can keep the balance of the ball moves.

  Cheerleaders dance "seemingly to fall but not fall" when they dance. They seem to bump into each other but do not bump into each other. They can also arrange various forms of alignment in a neat way, which are mainly attributed to the latest reverse pendulum control technology, ultrasonic position measurement technology and group control technology.

  The relevant person in charge introduced, to achieve the balance need to use reverse pendulum control technology, village cheerleading team can be able to do "seems to be inverted but not". Inside each cheering squad, 3 gyro sensors are equipped. They can be able to capture the tilt direction of the players' body and remind the players to move in the right direction. In life, the anti tremor function of gyro sensor has been widely used in mobile phone, digital camera, and also can be applied to the field of automobile navigation system, anti-skid device etc..

  "Do not seem to hit hi" thanks to the 5 ultrasonic Mike, 4 infrared sensors and communication module, real-time, accurately grasp the location of this technology in life can be used to cover the GPS signal of commercial building, in order to determine the position of the object in the building.

The Internet of things leads the intelligent trend of industry

  "Now you're on high speed and see the black car in front of you?" You will find that the display in front of your eyes will change with your eye, and will not obstruct your sight… This is actually the eye tracking 3D eye up display, high precision surface dashboard and other driving experience links provided by KYOCERA booth. It can improve the driving safety by accurately identifying pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles and other obstacles.

  From automotive electronics, intelligent driving, car networking to the new technology of electric vehicles, the new technology related to automobiles is a hot spot.

  In addition, the Internet of things and industry intelligent systems have also become popular. The exhibition includes a comprehensive display of sensing technology, 5G technology, short distance communication technology, and the solution of the Internet of things. Reporters noticed that a concept exhibition area based on the Internet of things coffee attracted many people's attention. The upstream and downstream suppliers of intelligent hardware, robot and AR/VR converged on it. Its profit mode is not to sell coffee, but to integrate resources. "After several years of development, the Internet of things industry has gradually entered the formal stage. Many mature products have emerged, the industry has a direction, and the popularity of our coffee shop is becoming more and more prosperous." The person in charge told the reporter.

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