How To Define Precision In Machining?

- Apr 05, 2018 -

1.For machining, the machining accuracy is the difference between the actual value after processing and the design theoretical value. The measurement accuracy is the degree to which the measured value is close to the true value. Including both precision and accuracy.

2.Accuracy is 3-0.3μm, roughness is Ra0.3-0.03μm, it called Precision Machining. Accuracy is 0.3-0.03μm, roughness is Ra0.03-0.005μm, it called ultra precision machining, or sub-micron processing The

3.The most widely used ultra precision machining process has car, grinding, research, throwing and so on.

4.Flatness is 0.01, depends on the size of the ad, if it is a small 10mm below, it can not be created as Precision Machined Parts.

5.Machinability, the tolerance of the parts that the manufacturing accuracy requirements for the ease of its processing.

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