CNC Machining Advantage

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Why choose CNC machining?
1, production of quality products
2, to speed up the delivery of products
3, production of customized products
4, prior to other competitors product interview

In order to avoid staff to copy the customer’s 3D files, so as not to cause leakage, the workshop manager responsible for deleting the product drawings, drawings for the record, custody by the sales manager. Strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement signed with the customer, breach of contract, in accordance with the agreement compensation.
We use CNC to do hand model, usually 3-7 days can be delivered, the quality and quantity of customers to complete the sample
And most importantly, what information does the customer need to provide before machining with a CNC hand pallet?
Customer provides 3D map, suffix is prt, stp, step, iges, x_t and so on. There are number of prototypes, materials, colors and surface effects, such as process instructions, you’d better make a BOM. As shown below:
1) Need to provide internationally accepted colors, provide pantone color palette
2) There are three kinds of surface paint effect: glossy surface, matte surface, sand surface
3) The surface requires prototypes of screen printing and laser engraving, to be provided in proportions
4) Prototypes that require control of dimensional tolerances and assembly requirements
5) It should be clearly stated in PDF so that we can control these production requirements
We can manufacture high-quality CNC Prototype products, the top precision testing equipment to ensure the quality of products, we are doing our best to meet customer needs, you can quickly and easily make your prototype design a reality.

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