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- Jun 09, 2018 -

The transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry structure, the continuous growth of labor costs, and the structural shortage of labor have all become the driving force for the development of industrial robot industry. The era of great development of Chinese robots has arrived.

As the world’s largest industrial robot application market, “industrial robot industry has been growing at a high speed in recent years, especially in 2017.” The annual output is expected to break through 120 thousand units, accounting for about 1/3 of global production. ” Luo Junjie, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, recently announced at the China robotics development conference held in Chongqing.

“China robot industry development conference” is sponsored by China robot industry alliance. It is the most authoritative, internationalized, professional and industrialized industry annual conference of China’s robot industry.

“In the past, we focused on the three axis, the four axis, or the steel frame. Now the multi joints have occupied the leading position, which has increased by 7 percentage points compared with the same period in 2016. This is the growth data of the key robot sales in China from 2015 to 2017. It can be seen that the industrial policy of the country is playing a guiding role gradually, and gradually develops towards excellent and high-end robots through the growth of domestic market and the optimization of the market. In January 4, 2018, Qu Daokui, President of the China robotics alliance and President of the SIASUN robotics automation Limited by Share Ltd in Shenyang, pointed out.

Production growth is nearly 70%

“In 2020, China will occupy 40% of the global robot market, from 2018 to 2020 there will be an increase of 20%-25%, China’s market potential is very huge. It is expected that in 2020, there will be 210 thousand robots in China. ” Estun group deputy general manager Zhu Chunhua in the China robot industry development conference said.

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the output of industrial robots in China reached 118 thousand in 1-11 months in 2017, up 68.8% from the same period, and it is expected that the annual output will break through 120 thousand.

The rapid growth of industrial scale is benefited from the continuous diversification of the robot application scene.

Industrial robots have even entered the old wine making industry in China. December 19, 2017 held in Yibin wine liquor culture forum, from the workers to the director, the more than 60 year old Wuliangye chairman Wang Guochun said, what our ancestors not immutable and frozen’s hard work, wine. How to produce high quality Luzhou flavor liquor, the temperature stability of medium temperature fermentation is very important, and now it is completely grasped by people. In order to improve the technology and equipment, the intelligent robot can ensure the stability of the process, and the Luzhou flavor liquor is more urgent than the other fragrant liquor.

In this regard, Wuhan endeavour Intelligent Machine Co. Ltd chairman Xu Jishui said the company was set up in recent years, doing general robot, made four axis, five axis robot, has now started his China traditional liquor brewing. “Not moving, not palletizing, is a special kind of robot made. In 2016, we made 50-60 units, which are now in the process of promotion. ” He said.

“How should Chinese robots develop? We still have to grasp the new field.” In these areas, new processes, new ideas, and integrated solutions are provided through robots. ” Shen Xiandong, general manager of Zhuhai GREE robot Co., Ltd., said at the China robot industry development conference.

“In the past, because the applications of robots were mainly concentrated in some high-end industries such as cars, robots are now almost everywhere in the manufacturing sector. This is the market base for a robot that can really break out in the future. ” Qu Daokui said.

Not only is it the food and beverage industry including the liquor industry, Luo Junjie introduced that industrial robots have been widely applied in hardware, bathroom, furniture, chemical and pharmaceutical industries after automobile and electronics. In addition to the emotional entertainment, family escort and other leisure scenes, service robots and special robots are also used in medical rehabilitation, rescue and rescue and other professional scenes. The “Xiao medicine” robot has passed the practice examination of the national clinical practitioners, and a new generation of Department of orthopedics robots have reached the advanced level of the country.

Data show that in 2017 the domestic industrial robot has been serving the 37 economic categories, 102 industry categories, from the perspective of sales, automobile manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry the number of industrial robots, respectively. The first half of 2017 the total sales volume of domestic industrial robot 17.3%, 15.1%, 13.4% and 10.2%.

Standard system to be perfected

“We have made a happy breakthrough in the key parts and key technologies of the home-made robots.” Luo Junjie said that speech recognition, image recognition and other technologies have reached the international advanced level. Robot ontology optimization design and performance evaluation, high-speed, high-precision control and other technologies have made progress. The controller and servo motor are close to the international level. The RV reducer has been applied in large quantities. We have helped to speed up the output of the reducer by 500 thousand units, ranking the second in the country.

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