CNC Machining Parts

- May 04, 2018 -

CNC machining parts is typically used for projects requiring one-offs to multiple hundreds of parts. From plastic to metal, from low-quantity to mass production needs or as one bridging connection between concept design and full production,as well as one pre-production orders in custom quantities

FM offers a variety of materials, from plastic to hardware. welcome visit our material specification. Our capabilities also included various finishing and assembled, welcome visit our parts finishing services.

    We offer more cnc machining capabilities for precision cnc machining, included CNC milling, turning, lathe, stamping, wire/EDM spark erosion process etc, our facilities included 3 axis, 4 axis and auto CNC lathe etc, All of your projects will be more discussed and analysis before production, during and production completed, the parts will be 100% inspection, our inspection facilities included 2D, 3D etc, we can provide you inspection report and material certification used in the projects.

FM is concentrate on CNC machining manufacturingprototype machininglow-volume manufacturingmetal fabrication and parts finishing services, provide you best support and services. ask us one inquire now.


Any questions or RQF for metal& plastic technology and custom machining, welcome to contact us below

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Welcome visit us, any metal and plastic design and machining questions, we are here to support you. Our services email address:

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