Quality Control For CNC Machining Process

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Quality is a key factor in any industries, no exception in CNC machining. In order to meet requirement of customer’s specification and avoid any quality problem when products is arrived at customer’s side, we will use many different kind of measuring machines and tools to check them in our cnc machining process. FM takes more key point and skills to strictly control our products for global customers.


Several months ago, we received a new customer’s drawings from medical industry. It is the first time we cooperated with customer from medical industry. From the drawing, only the tolerance is very high. And we didn’t see any other special requirement from customer. After the price is confirmed, and all the things are approval, obviously, we got a purchaser order in a short time. But after the samples were arrived at customer’s side, we were informed by customer that the samples were rejected due to not match with their measuring tools. After checking and negotiating, we found it is the problem of our measuring tools we used at our side. Even we do a lot to control the quality for your cnc machining process, we still have such problem coming out. How to improve it? This is key point what everyone want to learn and improve.

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