Quality Control For CNC Machining Process

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Below are how to control your CNC machining process for production


  • Checking background of what you are measuring

Different industry has different measuring standard, though sometimes we see the numbers are same. Just like parts for medical, it should be much more precise. But in other industry, like parts for big machine or something else, the tolerance will be not such that high.


  • Turning help to quality lab

For some quite special quality requirement, we can turn help to quality lab. As we know, a factory could not buy all the measuring machines, it will be a large investment. However, sometimes, when a product is out of specification, there is no way to tell where things go wrong in the operation. Then we could take product to quality lab to test.


  • Sufficient communication with customers

Usually, the person who buy the product knows well the function and the testing requirement. So after receiving the inquiry from customer, we should have a sufficient communication with them. Is there any special requirement? What is the part used for? How to inspect them? What measuring tool or machine customer will use?


  • Clearly understand the drawing and specification for product

Both project engineer and quality engineer have to clearly know and understand for customer’s drawing and requirement, have to check out each of details tolerance and standard. This is best to work with customers on parts functions and purposed, so we can let our machining engineer how to machining the part, how to control key point, how to ensure high requirement,

For example, we have just got one order for SS316L part with surface finishing have to mirror polishing, so before we have to work with customer on this tolerance, since usually, these high polishing tolerance is 0.15mm, after communication with customer, they told us that this is no problem. Since as usual, we will make most of our parts of tolerance is under +0.02-0.05mm,


Coming back to the customer from medical industry, finally, we solve the problem and go smoothly in mass production. It is a valuable experience for us. And it brings several new medical industry customers in the following months. We have to work harder to make quality control better and better in CNC machining process.


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