CNC Machining Summary

- Jan 18, 2018 -

When CNC is starting up, it is necessary to return to the origin of the triaxial origin, check whether the oil of the guide oil of the machine, spindle hydraulic oil is sufficient.Don't get enough gas in time.The size of the workpiece should correspond to the drawing, even if there is only a small difference, it is necessary to ask for the management or programming above.It is also easy to make mistakes when the program is broken in the process of processing, and it must be checked in time.In processing, you need to change the knife to the single section and the XYZ axis to zero.

     If it is the depth that does not affect the processing after changing the knife, the tool will be moved directly to the XYZ axis after the handwheel is processed.If the depth of the machining can be affected after changing the knife, it is necessary to retool the three axes to zero for processing.This step is still very complicated for the hand, but it is a skill that must be mastered in the process.The operation of each program must be done to the knife.Forgetting that the knife is a dangerous operation, the light is disabled, the heavy die, the machine destroys the people.So, we have to keep in mind the operation of the knife.A lot of times we're going to have a piece of junk that's not going to be zero in the G60.When we use G60 in processing, we need to change it in time after using it.If the latter operation is not seen in time, then the finished artifacts will be defective.The method of knife: in general we will choose to use a 10 mm pin as our usual tool for the knife.

     The other is to do something that has no precision and for convenience, we'll take a knife to the surface of the workpiece.The former operation method is to use the handwheel will shake the cutting tool to a certain distance away from the surface and less than ten millimeter pin at the same time put the pin on the distance of the workpiece surface, and the hand wheel slowly shaking up, the shaking was just enough to 10 mm pin from the bottom of the tool through the is success against the knife."Note: this is the most accurate on the knife, but the distance from the workpiece also sent ten mm pin. So the subsequent processing takes the G60 will be one-way migration in the Z axis. In G60Z axis input - 10. So the zero work is just on the surface of the workpiece."These two methods, if not careful, are the most likely to crash.Because the zero position of the knife is different, there is a -10 in G60.Therefore, the value of the z-axis of the G60 should be carefully selected in the selection of the method of the knife.

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