CNC Machining Technology Five Major Development Directions

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The development trend of the new generation of CNC machine tools is gradually speeding up, high-precision flower, high reliability, safety, multi-functional, complex, intelligent, information, open structure closer, the development trend is the development of hardware and software With the open structure of intelligent CNC equipment. The CNC technology is the basis of NC machining automation is also the core technology of machine tool processing. The development of the industry is also a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of a country. Usually this technology is promoted with the development of information technology, microelectronics technology, automation technology and detection technology. Technology put forward the product processing efficiency, processing accuracy has a good upgrade.
CNC machining system speed, you can ensure that the processing speed, shorter sampling period, with the scale of advance path optimization program segment, pre-processing capacity. CNC machining system intelligent, the same can improve processing efficiency, processing quality. Intelligent system has automatic programming, feedforward control, fuzzy control, process parameter generation and dynamic parameter compensation intelligent function, and has a diagnostic system to automatically adjust and optimize the system parameters. CNC machining network system to improve the flexibility of CNC devices, versatility and scalability to meet consumer demand for secondary development.
CNC machining system is open, more effective realization of intelligent network manufacturing, to further enhance production efficiency.

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