CNC Machining Technology Grows Up With AI

- Jun 22, 2018 -

CNC machining technology grows up with AI
In the past many years, if AI is just secretly saving energy, robots are just not available. Now, both of them are getting closer and closer to us.
Almost unwittingly, the robot products equipped with artificial intelligence have been widely used in various industries, including factory automation, hotel reception, medical operation, family escort and so on.
Reviewing the progress of artificial intelligence and the development of mechanical, material and electronic technology in 2017, we not only bring more humanoid robots to the world, but also create more intelligent tools and smarter, friendly and interesting toys.
The following is the 2017 world’s ten largest robot named designboom. When we face these robots, we will find that addressing them or “them” seems to be a problem worth pondering.
Because no exception, we will feel that these robots seem to have a fresh, beating heart.
The octopusgripper robot is the latest work of the company’s “bionic learning network”. A series of robots in the learning network use biology as a model to mimic the grasp function of different animals.
Octopusgripper is a flexible silicone structure with two rows of suction cups, like the patterns of octopus tentacles. Once compressed air is applied, the antennae can be curled inward and gently entangled in the object, and the suction plate is used in the vacuum principle.
The robot can grab the railings, adjust the hips, and walk in a human way. In addition to its flexibility, sturdy and waterproof properties, E2-R2 can also deal with a variety of potential problems caused by the catastrophic situation.
Even with the height of 1.68 meters and 85 kilograms of weight, the Honda corporation still reduced the size of the robot to the lowest level. This is due to the conversion of a standard communication cable to a fiber of 8 times the size.
E2-R2 can squeeze through the gap of 30 cm, with 33 degrees of freedom. At the same time, the use of grease can prevent contaminants from entering their joints.

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