Functional Characteristics Of CNC Milling

- Apr 07, 2018 -

CNC Milling except has the characteristics of ordinary milling machine, there are following features:

1. Strong adaptability and good flexibility for parts processing, it can be processed complex shapes or difficult to control size of the parts, like mold parts, shell parts.

2. CNC milling can process mathematical model described in the complex curve parts and three-dimensional surface parts.

3. It can be processed parts that once fixture positioning, need for multi-channel processing.

4. High precision processing, stable and reliable processing quality. Numerical control device pulse equivalent is 0.001mm, high precision CNC system can up to 0.1μm, in addition, CNC machining can avoid the operator’s operational errors.

5. High degree of automation reduce the operator’s labor intensity. This is conducive to production management automation.

6. High production efficiency, CNC milling do not need special fixtures or other special process equipment generally, only need to call processing procedures, clamping tools and adjust the tool data which stored in the CNC device when replacing workpiece, so reducing the production cycle greatly. CNC Milling Machine make the process highly concentrated, and greatly improving the production efficiency.

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