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- Apr 07, 2018 -

FM Company has rich professional experience in precision machining, CNC machining, Custom Machining,and so on. After many years of experience in test, our engineer is always looking for innovative ideas to improve development and production process. Precision Machining produces a huge number of various objects that we use in daily life. A tool or machine has been worn down need calibration, welding or grooving by a precision machinist. Precision machining reaches into every industry and technology, like from the production of aircraft to surgical drilling equipment and custom automotive tools. It has wide application, if a product contains parts, then it need precision machining, it can used on various materials including bronze, glass, steel and plastics and so on. According to project size and used materials, all kinds of precision machining tools will be used. The aerospace industry can use high speed machining, woodwork tool may use photo-chemical etching and CNC milling process. Precision machining requires program to CNC equipment, CNC device followed exact dimensions in whole operation process of products.

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