Comparison Of SLA And CNC Machining Processes For 3D Printers

- Jun 04, 2018 -

3D printer SLA and CNC machining process are as follows:

SLA process features

1.The process has high flexibility and can complete the production of parts with very complex structures at one time, and its production cost and production speed are basically irrelevant to the complexity of the parts.

2.The production speed is quick. In the processing specification range of the equipment, parallel processing of several parts can be made at the same time. It takes only a few hours to a dozen hours to complete the completion of the digital model to the part.

3.Seamless CAD/CAM connection, CAD data can be directly machined, no need for data programming and part split.

4.It is not necessary to consider the design and use of the fixture during the processing of the part.

5.The mechanical properties of the resin materials used are somewhat poor, and they can reach ABS and PP grades, but they cannot fully comply with the real materials.

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