Comparison Of SLA And CNC Machining Processes For 3D Printers

- Jun 05, 2018 -

CNC cost structure

CNC machining consumables directly use real materials such as ABS and PP. The cost of materials is relatively low. However, CNC processes need to be programmed and split. Usually, one CNC machine needs to be equipped with 3-4 personnel, and labor costs are relatively large. Therefore, the cost of the CNC mainly depends on the complexity of the parts and the material consumption. The more complex the parts, the more work is required to split and program, the more complex the post-processing splicing process, the more manual labor hours are required, and the higher the cost is.

Summary The SLA process is mainly applied to various complex structures, or parts that require a high time period. The CNC is more suitable for producing various solid parts with simpler structures and thicker ones. In terms of cost, since the SLA process cost is mainly related to the part weight, the SLA cost is superior to the CNC for components such as high-definition, thin-walled or hollow structures, and the cost of the CNC is dominant for heavy-duty components with relatively simple structures.

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