Discusses The Main Features Of CNC Machine Tool Structure

- Dec 15, 2017 -

CNC machining plant in China specializing in the production of injection processing and CNC machining parts of the enterprise. As a regular company, my company's products until the new and old customers love the CNC machining factory discusses the main features of CNC machine tool structure.
CNC machine tool is the processing of CNC machining parts of the necessary equipment, it is a high precision and precision machine tools, unlike other processing equipment, CNC machine tool support and spindle components are the same high-precision, precision common machine the same. The CNC machine tools used by our company not only have high precision, high rigidity, excellent vibration resistance, good heat stability, but also reduce or compensate the deformed parts. Not only that, the structure of CNC machine tools also has more advantages. Common CNC machine tools related to the link between the components are used "soft" connection in the form of contact, this "soft" connection is formed by sophisticated CNC devices or computers. It overcomes the "hard" coupling defects of traditional mechanical drive chains. CNC machine tools not only has the advantages of convenient and quick, precise control and simple mechanism, but also has the advantages of small inertia moment and high response speed.

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