First Day In Machining? Learn The Terminology!

- Jan 24, 2019 -

First day in machining or new in machining?
Don't worry, not only newcomers, but there were still peoples always get confused and misuse the machining terminology. This articles will briefly introduced on the basic terminology of machining. 


Cutting parts with rotational or helical symmetry by feeding a single- edge tool into a spinning workpiece.


Cutting parts of general shape by feeding the workpiece along multiple axes (translation/ rotational) into a spinning multi-edge fluted tool.

End Milling

Tool rotates about axis nominally perpendicular to part surface.

Slab Milling

Tool rotates about axis nominally parallel to the part surface.


Producing an accurate flat surface on a workpiece or feature.


A term given to the apparatus or structure that is holding your work which is often custom-made to hold your specific part.


The structure or apparatus designed to hold your cutting bit or tools. On a mill, this is often the element that spins, whereas on a lathe, this is the element that is secured to your table.


An apparatus or structure designed to hold your work, or the material you are cutting with your CNC machine. On a mill, this is most often attached to the table, whereas on a lathe, this is most often the element that is spinning.


Computer aided design. CAD programs allow you to digitally create a part that can be milled, 3D printed, or rendered.


Computer aided machining, or sometimes known as computer aided manufacturing. It is a computer program that takes a CAD file (IGES, STEP, etc.) and allows you to create tool paths for the cutting process on a CNC machine. CAM tells your CNC machine where to go, how fast to move and spin.

These are the basic terminologies used in machining, hope you get a better insights and understanding now. 

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