Five Major Hardware Maintenance Methods

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Five major hardware maintenance methods
1, Do not put hot cup or other high-temperature items directly on the furniture hardware accessories (glass, stainless steel, metal handles, etc.), tripod, insulation pad, etc., to avoid surface discoloration or foaming.
2, to keep the metal parts clean, accidentally caused by the use of water stains on the surface should be wiped after use, often keep the surface clean and dry.
3, do not use sharp, scrape the surface of hard objects, apply a damp cloth or wet cloth dipped in neutral detergent or detergent treatment, after the dry water agent can be.
4, the surface of a serious stain or scratches, fireworks burn fine sandpaper (400-500) light grinding surface, then scouring with scouring pad.
5, metal rails, hinges, hinges, etc. should be regularly marked with lubricating oil, in order to maintain bright lubrication.
Avoid using hard objects hit or scratch the hardware parts surface, to avoid contact with the characteristics of hydrochloric acid, salt, salt brine and the like.

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