How To Make The Metal Parts Wiredrawing The Best Effect?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Process description

Using the grinding material to do mechanical relative motion on the Metal Parts surface, get a layer uniformly distributed line pattern .


1. Straight grain brushing: Fixed the products on clamping device, the product is top, the abrasive belt is close to the product surface to do high speed and linear circulating motion.

Features:clear rushing texture, straightforward line, strong handle, commonly used in aluminum alloy product, surface must be flat, surface material removed 0.05-0.12 mm, the area is under 150 * 80 mm, usually for small size brushing.

2. Abrasive belt brushing: fixed products in the jig, press abrasive belt to do straight circular motion on the surface.

Features: disorder texture, straightforward line, strong handle, surface material removed less, usually 0.03 0-08 mm.

3. Nylon brushing: Use the nylon wheel to rub product surface vortically.

Features: disorder texture, smooth line, light handle, surface does not remove material or very little. The appearance features of the product request less, and almost all shapes can make. The surface effect of products expect much before brushing.

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