Problems To Be Noted In CNC Machining Processes

- Jun 03, 2018 -

(1) Determine the processing content of the CNC machining center, determine the installation base surface, the machining base surface, and the machining allowance of the workpiece, and arrange the processing procedures for the purpose of making full use of the efficiency of the CNC machining center.

(2) For complex parts, due to thermal deformation in the machining process, internal stress generated after quenching, and deformation after the part is pressed, etc. It is difficult to complete the entire process after one clamping. It can be considered twice or more times.

(3) Arrangement of processing procedures should be based on the principle of gradual refinement. First, arrange heavy cutting and rough machining, remove the machining allowance on the blank, and then arrange the content with low processing accuracy.

(4) Large-flow cooling method is adopted. In order to reduce the influence of a large amount of heat generated during processing on the machining accuracy, in order to increase the tool durability, it is necessary to actively adopt a large-flow cooling method.

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