Screw Production Technology On The New Bright Spot

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Hardware screw skills, the first choice to adapt to die stamping some of the specifications, stop time, think about some of the length of the line. And the screw thread thinking friction friction, thread diameter of the two documents to adjust the time interval. These basically contain the screws on the geometry of the requirement. After the last few screw machining and heat treatment after the look. The last one is to check the entire head diameter with a full inspection machine.
Hardware screws heat treatment is not good, the main reason is that the heat treatment plant, which is often said that we hardened plants, screw hardening, hardening of the hardness is not good. We can only test the hardness of the instrument. In the process of hard screw, screw screw manufacturers do not join us. So heat treatment hardened plant selection, with screws and hard is very important. We are all heat treatment plant selection and hard relatively good.
End Mill Metal Screws: Generally smaller, the screw can be very tall on the requirement that the last round of this time may be due to the theory that during this process the plastic deformation of the ends of the threads that are pinched to the metal during the rolling process may Without further support -up and the flatness of the screw flat interface, the demand at this point adds to the effects of burrs such as flattening of the cargo interface during this process. In this aspect, except for electroplating and oxidation, black, etc., to keep the general merchandise rust, this process is selected after the salt spray test, then the test environment rules and requirements that pass the exam, but also the lowest cost program is the best s Choice.
The general requirement for bolting to the pretreatment threads can use nuts and screws, the cross section of the threaded portion of the screw is triangular in shape, thread, and normal, but its diameter is generally a useful thread, with the leading end of a tapered screw , Screwed into the screw into the ordinary method, the hole in the thread and preformed plastic deformation to knead, and then to interfere with the screw connection, such as locking function, but also from the main body of the prefabricated screw to the program is a new Various skills, good economy.
Self-tapping locking screws coarse thread series In general, the thread size M3 - M12mm. Screw self-tapping locking screw thread and the triangular part. By quenching the prefabricated holes in the appearance of the screws can be screwed into the black and non-ferrous materials (by drilling, stamping and die-casting), forming the internal thread, when the screw is not all of a thread, the thread can be made into a rod diameter less than 3 or cylindrical or prism.
Precision Screws Screw Screws Screwdriver manufacturers specializing in the production of standardization and standardization of non-metric hardware components cabinets, aluminum precision lathe parts, we have advanced production equipment, advanced quality testing equipment and senior staff skills, can accept large orders, and to ensure quality ,transport goods.

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