Stainless Steel Parts Machining Difficulties And Solutions

- Jun 14, 2018 -

In the stainless steel machining, the use of drilling, hinge, boring process of machining some austenitic and martensitic stainless steel materials such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13 hole, the machining will appear faster tool wear and tear, machining surface integrity is poor, the exclusion of difficult chips Common problems have severely affected the machining quality, production cycle and machining cost of such material parts. Stainless steel parts difficult to process; difficult to process the reason is that the choice of tools, the following spike manufacturers to tell you what tools are the material, and stainless steel difficult to process several reasons and solutions:

First, the automatic lathe turning stainless steel, carbide tools commonly used are:
YG6, YG8, YT15, YT30, YW1, YW2 and other materials;
Commonly used high-speed steel knife with: W18Cr4V, W6M05Cr4V2AL and other materials.

Second, the geometry of the tool and the structure of the selection is also very important:
Horn: general turning stainless steel tool rake take 10 ° ~ 20 ° is more appropriate.
Clearance angle: generally take 5 ° ~ 8 ° more appropriate, the maximum but 10 °.
Cutting edge angle: the general choice of λ is -10 ° ~ 30 °.
Edge surface roughness should not be greater than Ra0.4 ~ Ra0.2.

Third, the difficulties of stainless steel parts machining the following common types:
1, the machining hardness of the tool wear faster, but also difficult chip removal.
2, low thermal conductivity caused by cutting edge plastic deformation and tool wear faster.
3, BUE is easy to cause emblem small pieces of debris left in cutting edge, and cause bad machining surface.
4, the chemical relationship between the tool and the material to be processed causes the work hardening and the low thermal conductivity of the material to be processed, which not only easily causes unusual wear and tear, but also causes the tool to collapse and abnormally rupture.

Fourth, the solution to the machining difficulties are as follows:
1, the use of high thermal conductivity of the tool.
2, sharp edge of the cutting edge: Chipbreaker margin wide, can reduce the cutting pressure, so that we can well control chip removal.
3, the best cutting conditions: improper machining conditions will reduce the tool life.
4, select the appropriate tool: stainless steel tools should have very good toughness, cutting edge strength and coating film binding force should be relatively high.

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