Talking About The Reason Of NC Machining Precision Deterioration

- Dec 15, 2017 -

There are many reasons for the poor precision of CNC machining. As the installation process, the error between the various axes did not tune well, the motor and screw loose connection, the axis deviation is too large will induce these problems. The following CNC machining plant on CNC machining accuracy of the reasons for the deterioration.
Part accuracy worsened, usually in the process of installation and adjustment, the axis between the dynamic error is not adjusted according to the error, resulting in the use of Mocun, machine tool chain state changes. We can re-adjust and modify the gap compensation to solve. Check the servo motor speed is too high, the components are intact, the feedback cable connector is in normal contact, the corresponding analog output latch and the gain potentiometer is good. Overshooting of the machine tool causes the machining accuracy to drop. It is probably because the acceleration and deceleration times are too short. We can appropriately extend the acceleration and deceleration time. Oblique ellipse error usually can be adjusted by adjusting the position loop gain because of the deviation of each axis position.
To sum up, experienced technicians can quickly find the problem and solve it.

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