The Most Important Compoment Of Robot—CNC Machining Parts

- Jul 04, 2018 -

  In recent years, with the acceleration of integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing, such as Internet of things, cloud computing and AI, robots, represented by new technologies, new applications and new models, are emerging continuously, and have become an important driving force for the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation.

  Initially, the purpose of robot discovery is to hope that robots can assist human development. At present, almost all industries expect to realize laborsaving and automation through mechanization, so as to improve labor productivity and reduce factory workers' purpose. However, since the development of technology, the application of robots has gone far beyond the scope of the industrial field.

  From the application environment, the robot can be divided into two categories: industrial robot and service robot. The former focuses more on technology, performance, stability and so on. The latter is more focused on product experience and business model. According to statistics, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market for four years in a row. The output of industrial robots in 1-9 months of this year reached 95 thousand and 400, up 69.40%, and the market potential and industrial scale of industrial robots were growing continuously. But it is worth noting that the rapid development of industrial robots in the past two years has also led to a hot demand in the lower reaches–the rise of the core component manufacturers.

  The industrial robot is composed of four parts, the reducer, the servo motor, the controller and the ontology. The former three share the total cost of the machine 35%, 25% and 15% respectively. Their application in industrial robots is very important. ACT strategic partners – and toon technology, as the leader of the industry, has been involved in the industrial robot industry. Over the years, it has provided many world famous brands of automated component products, which are also indispensable parts of robots, such as robot controller, Panasonic servo motor, Nabtesco AF reducer, Harmonic Driver System HD reducer.

  Not only provide key components and technology transfer and provide more Changchun robot technology development counseling services, planning a three stage technology transfer service robot: robot operation and application training robot surface technology transfer and assembly training robot design, interested in industrial robot development the customers to reduce the time of searching, can for industrial robots in the shortest possible time in technology and can be put into application.

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